How to enlarge breasts with iodine

When it comes to factors that affect breast size, these include breast volume. It grows thanks to the accumulation of estrogen, a female hormone. If that weren't enough, the bust is small and not very impressive in shape. This feature is also achieved due to insufficient moisture and poor blood circulation in the skin. Girls resort to the use of iodine, which saturates the dermis with oxygen and has a warming effect.

measure breast size before iodine augmentation

Factors Affecting Breast Size

  1. The size of the breast is determined by the size of the pectoral muscles and mammary gland, as well as the volume of the fatty layer. The development of the circulatory system and proper hydration play an important role.
  2. Since the pectoral muscles in women are not as swollen as in men, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired shape and volume through this factor. Unless you can include physical exercises aimed at pumping this area into your daily routine (push-ups, supine bench presses, etc. ).
  3. The female breast contains a certain percentage of the fatty layer that surrounds the mammary gland. When a woman gets fat, her breasts immediately increase. With the slightest weight loss, she will lose the desired volume.
  4. As mentioned above, the size of the breasts plays an important role. With sufficient estrogen production, subtle changes are achieved in size, but not in shape. The latter can be improved with iodine and exercise.

Contraindications to breast augmentation with iodine

  • cold, fever, fever;
  • diseases associated with the mammary gland;
  • individual intolerance to the drug;
  • an excess of iodine in the body;
  • pregnancy, lactation period;
  • girls under the age of 24.

Breast augmentation precautions with iodine

  1. It is important to understand that increasing breast size with iodine is not as safe as it may seem at first glance. You can burn your skin if you apply the product to sensitive areas. The nipples and the surrounding area cannot be processed.
  2. To avoid negative consequences, apply the iodine mesh in the wrong places that were processed the previous time. Draw lines side by side, 2-3 mm apart. Such a simple trick will get rid of burns.
  3. If your body contains a large amount of iodine, do not abuse the use of the drug. If possible, choose another method of breast augmentation or get a preliminary consultation with a specialist.
  4. Using the "opposite" method, we can conclude that if the body is experiencing a lack of iodine, the use of the drug will bring undeniable benefits. The skin will absorb the composition, distributing it throughout the body.

Rules for the use of iodine for breast augmentation

  1. Iodine is widely used in the field of cosmetology and medicine, especially for breast enlargement. However, don't forget that the method refers to "grandma" options, so take precautions.
  2. Before mass application of iodine, carry out a test for the absence of individual intolerance. In this case it is necessary to apply a small amount of the preparation on the upper part of the bust, creating a 3 * 3 cm net, after complete absorption, evaluate the result. If there is no redness, itching, irritation, proceed with the procedure.
  3. Iodine causes a burning sensation, accelerates blood circulation in the chest area and penetrates the lower tissues. Before the procedure, do not rub the breast with a hard towel, rub or rub, so as not to rub the lipid layer. It will protect the skin from harsh drugs.
  4. Therefore, there is no technique for using iodine. Judging by the reviews, the effect can be achieved if the drug is applied in the form of a mesh with a thin cotton swab. Remember that halos cannot be touched, this area is too sensitive.
  5. Draw the straight lines. They should be located at the same distance on top of each other, have the same thickness. Furthermore, the amount of product applied should be relatively the same. Do not make too frequent lines, the regular squares between them are about 2-3 cm in size.
  6. It should be understood that iodine alone will not increase breasts by different sizes. Drug therapy must be combined with proper nutrition, wraps, exercise, massages, contrast shower. In addition to achieving a result, you will consolidate it with such procedures.

Breast augmentation technology with iodine

  1. For the whole procedure, you will need a small packet of cotton swabs and a bottle of iodine. Moisten the stick in the preparation, squeeze the excess to the edge of the tube. Iodine must not drip or drip.
  2. Stand in front of the mirror, start drawing the net. It is important that the squares of the "cage" are the same size. Do not make too thick lines, otherwise there is a risk of skin burns.
  3. Do not touch the nipples, move away from them by 2-3 cm. It is necessary to process the torso, without reaching the armpits. Don't forget to draw the mesh on the underbust area. Do not apply the drug continuously, otherwise the skin will begin to peel off.
  4. Repeat the steps every day before going to bed, do not rinse. Upon awakening in the morning, the product is completely absorbed by the skin, no traces will remain. The result is obtained after 1, 5-2 months.
  5. Breast augmentation with iodine does not tolerate chaotic use. Regularity is the main thing in any business. After the prescribed duration of therapy, take a break of 20-25 days. Repeat the steps if necessary.

If we talk about the opinion of experts, then doctors are skeptical of breast augmentation with iodine. However, the girls who underwent the therapy ensure the effectiveness of the result. To form your opinion, carry out the procedures taking into account all recommendations. Review the precautions and contraindications for using the drug.