How to enlarge the nipples?

before and after nipple augmentation

For many women, breast or nipple enlargement is associated with improved physical attractiveness. Meanwhile, inverted nipple correction is more aimed at resolving functional defects of the mammary gland. An inverted nipple interferes with the baby's normal latch and nipple retraction is the solution to the breastfeeding problem for many women.

A reduction or flattening of a woman's nipple from the average size can be a sign that she has shortened milk ducts. In this case, the nipple may not protrude above the skin at all, but is retracted during mechanical irritation, such nipples react poorly to changes in temperature. But, in most cases, this doesn't interfere with the baby's feeding.

Worse still, if the inverted nipple is combined with its reduction in size so that the baby cannot catch it with his lips. It is for the baby to be able to latch onto the nipple properly while breastfeeding that surgical nipple enlargement may be required.

The main causes of a small or inverted nipple are heredity, shortened or underdeveloped milk ducts, underdevelopment or general hypofunction of the genitals, constant use of a tight bra, especially in adolescence, and breast cancers .

Ways to correct inverted nipples

There are several methods that are used to correct a small or inverted nipple:

  • surgical methods for correcting the shape of the nipple (with and without crossing the milk ducts);
  • vacuum traction of the nipples with the help of nozzles;
  • nipple massage;
  • tattoo (cosmetic correction for a visual increase in the size of the nipple).

Surgical methods differ for planning and non-planning women to breastfeed. If a woman does not intend to breastfeed her baby, only nipple plastic surgery is performed, in which the too short milk ducts that held the nipple under the skin are completely crossed; after this operation, breastfeeding is no longer possible.

But if the operation is performed to improve the possibility of breastfeeding, the integrity of the ducts is preserved and only the connective tissues holding the inverted nipple under the skin are dissected through the incision at the base of the areola, with these tissues the milk ducts are attached to the nipple. The difference between the interventions is also in the price: plastic with cable glands is simpler and cheaper. And the choice of anesthesia - local or general, in each case depends on the doctor.

nipple enlargement hood

Vacuum nipple traction is a relatively new method that involves the use of special attachments that pull the nipple with vacuum. The nozzle is placed on the nipple and, on the other hand, the air is drawn in with a syringe. The device: the hood is small and invisible under clothing, but with constant wear for at least 8 hours a day for 2-3 months, you can achieve a stable result of nipple traction. But before starting to wear it is necessary to consult a mammologist and, in case of discomfort or pain, discontinue use.

A woman can perform nipple massage on her own even at home, having studied the basic techniques of her own technique by a specialist. But it is necessary to begin such a correction in adolescence, when the mammary gland grows and is quite susceptible to any influence.

The tattoo is not a medical correction, but a cosmetic one, in which a pigment is injected under the skin which visually increases the size of the nipple. The procedure is very painful, but a high-quality tattoo allows you to achieve complete resemblance to the appearance of the nipple after correction with the usual nipple.