What awaits a woman who decides to undergo a breast augmentation

image symbolizing breast augmentation

Looking at the brochures of plastic surgery clinics, you want to immediately improve your appearance and, above all, your chest. It seems that this will solve most of the problems in his personal life, it will help in his career. However, before deciding on an operation, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of breast augmentation. After all, not everyone who changed this part of the body is satisfied.

Breast augmentation surgery, or as it is otherwise called mammoplasty, is by far one of the most popular surgeries in the world. But almost every woman dreams of a gorgeous bust. The lush forms have always aroused great admiration and were considered a real pride. That is why many of the fair sex go to the surgeon and have mammoplasty. But is it worth increasing the breasts? It's dangerous? Having learned the pros and cons of this operation, you can decide for yourself whether or not to increase the breasts.

Pros of the procedure

Why do many women strive to enlarge their breasts, despite the fact that this is associated with surgery, pain and significant material costs? Yes, because for some of them, breast augmentation is not a whim and the desire to look like a "star", but a necessity. Since it became possible to increase the size of the mammary glands, the advantages of such a solution became clear:

  • Ability to correct physical defects. It's not just about small and barely noticeable breasts, which many women consider to be a defect. Sometimes the disease dictates the need to remove the mammary gland to save a life. But then the woman looks in the mirror painfully, remembering her former beautiful forms. Breast augmentation offers the possibility to restore lost beauty. The same result is possible when the breasts have lost their shape after breastfeeding or shedding excess weight. In fact, in both cases, no other method would help to restore volume to this part of the body, only an increase with the help of an operation.
  • The opportunity not to suffer with the choice of clothing. If the chest is high, it matches the rest of the proportions of the body, you don't have to think about how to align them with the right neckline, dense fabric, drape, good style. There is no need to disguise a physical defect, you can just wear whatever you want. Any outfit "sits" well, including the most open swimsuit.
  • Alignment of the psychological state. Dissatisfaction with the lived appearance with small breasts often leads to the fact that the character of a woman deteriorates. She is fixated on her lack of her, she stops perceiving adequately the world around her. It is so easy to get depressed, to earn a lot of somatic diseases. Breast augmentation is a cure-all. When you like the reflection in the mirror, it is easier to come to terms with the imperfection of the world around you, to feel happy in it.
  • Career advancement. When evaluating breast augmentation, pros and cons, this aspect is rarely taken into consideration. Meanwhile, there are the statistics: outwardly attractive people are more successful in their careers than those who can only boast of spiritual beauty. And the point is not that business success is achieved with large breasts, but in the self-confidence it gives.
  • Good luck in your personal life. Of course, enlarged breasts are not a guarantee of a happy marriage. But men like obvious shapes more (this is also a statistic). Large breasts are perceived by them on a subconscious level as a sign of good fertility.
  • More attention to health. A woman who has undergone breast augmentation surgery will need to visit a mammologist twice a year. That is, she has a greater chance of contracting any mammary gland disease at an early stage. Namely, these pathologies are becoming the most common causes of death for young women. After all, most ignore preventive exams until the problem goes away. Having brought the breasts to the ideal, girls, as a rule, more carefully follow other nuances of appearance, that is, they control nutrition, play sports. They don't want excess weight and flabby muscles to spoil the beauty.

Negative points

Despite many advantages, breast plastic surgery also has disadvantages. And if a woman is not ready to put up with the problems that breast augmentation can bring to her life, she should probably leave everything as she is. What can complicate the existence of an aesthetic operation? Many years of experience revealed the following negative points:

  • Breast augmentation is a rather painful operation performed under general anesthesia. The discomfort lasts long enough, and after anesthesia, some people recover for months. Pain is not always completely relieved with medication. And if you take them for a long time, stomach problems can arise, other organs may suffer.
  • After the operation, a long rehabilitation period is required. Its first phase lasts at least a month, in which there are many restrictions. You can't sleep on your stomach, play sports, smoke, drink alcohol, lie on the beach, go to the sauna. And then there are bans for about six months or more. Not everyone is able to endure the absence of the usual joys of life for so long without harming the nervous system.
  • Breast augmentation can be accompanied by complications. Some of them, such as capsular contracture, suppuration, internal hematomas, require repeated intervention with the removal of implants, long-term treatment. Others lead to new defects in appearance, for example, the formation of convex scars, ugly, uneven skin. And still others, such as damage to the plant, create a danger to life if help is not arrived in time.
  • The new breast may not please its owner. If the operation is unsuccessful, the implants stand out, which makes the bust unnatural. And with its good quality, many girls complain: in the prone position, the chest looks "correct". Someone discovers that her new size doesn't quite match other body proportions. Others literally physically feel a foreign object inside, even when the pain passes, and this gives no respite.
  • Difficulties may arise in carrying out diagnostic manipulations in the area of the mammary glands and chest. For mammography, for example, high-resolution equipment is needed so that the doctor can see all the tissues. For someone living in a provincial city, this can bring additional concerns.
  • Some develop new psychological problems. Women are afraid of damaging their breasts, they are constantly fixated on it. This deprives them of the opportunity to live a full life: play sports, go to the bathhouse, etc. Sometimes the phobia is of a different nature: the fear of contracting breast disease due to an implant. Some people find it hard to get used to and sometimes they can't adapt to the idea of carrying a foreign body.
  • For some, the disadvantages of mammoplasty are reflected in their personal lives. For example, in 4% of cases, the sensitivity of the breast decreases, which adversely affects sexual intercourse. With some placement methods, the implant is felt when you touch the skin. And not all men like it.
  • The chest may fall out. Earth's gravity also affects implants. Endoprostheses are especially actively moved if their size is large. Those who have undergone mammoplasty before the birth of a baby are almost always waiting for a second surgery. As well as women who have lost weight after breast augmentation.
  • The presence of implants can cause unpredictable consequences. Some of them appear from the very beginning, when the body rejects the endoprostheses. This is due to an individual reaction that cannot be predicted in advance. It has also been shown that some type of breast cancer occurs more often in women who have silicone breast augmentation. Another consequence is the asymmetry that occurs during implantation of the endoprosthesis, which can be detected one year after installation.

Is everything possible with implants?

Breast augmentation can contain lifestyle disadvantages that determine the presence of implants. The doubts that worry most women are related to several aspects of it:

  • Airplane transport. We know that the pressure is higher at altitude. Many fear the likelihood of implant rupture, which increases from this. "Cherry on the Cake" was added by the story of a lady who had a similar thing happened in the air. But her implants were huge. The flight ban exists only in the first month after the operation. Subsequently, it does not threaten any danger to the endoprosthesis.
  • Breastfeeding. This possibility depends on the method of installation of the endoprosthesis and the quality of the operation. If it is placed under the muscle, the woman will be able to feed the baby. But if the milk ducts are damaged, this opportunity is lost. Therefore, the doctor will explain to the patient in advance how the implant will be installed, what exactly this method will bring about consequences.
  • Immersion. At the end of the rehabilitation period, excursions to the underwater kingdom are also allowed. And although some are afraid of implant ruptures in depth and during the lifting process, such cases have not been recorded.
  • Stay warm (beach, sauna) and cold. The fears associated with these pleasures concern the possible deformation and damage of the implants. With a sauna, doctors really ask patients to be careful because of the possible physical discomfort caused by the temperature difference (silicone cools slower than human tissue). The breakdown of the facilities in the sauna was not recorded in anyone. As well as in the cold.
  • Mammography. Some argue that the examination causes deformation and rupture of the endoprosthesis. And the exam itself would cease to be informative, as the silicone capsule obscures everything else. This has no real basis. It is possible and necessary to be examined, the diagnostics will be absolutely safe and accurate if the equipment is of high quality and resolution.

In any case, it is up to the owner of the breast to decide whether to do mammoplasty or to abstain. Perhaps, for some, the benefits of increasing it will outweigh all the drawbacks. But if expectations are not met, there is always a chance to correct the result of a bad decision.