Instructions for use Wow Bust

Wow Bust - the characteristics and general information on the product


cream in tube


50 ml


for breast augmentation

The cream Wow Bust - rapid increase of the breasts without the effects of the surgery. Now, every girl and every woman is a quick and easy can become the owner of a chic bust.

The cream is made from natural raw materials of vegetable origin. Active ingredients: wheat germ oil, avocado oil, shea butter (shea butter).

We would like to draw the attention! The cream for breast augmentation Wow Bust available for sale in Portugal directly from the manufacturer. To place an order, please make a request on our official website, indicating in the form the name and telephone number.

The cream for breast augmentation - indications:

  • a little of the nature of the chest
  • in the time to follow a diet or after rapid weight loss
  • the age-related changes in the area of the neckline
  • in the event of a decrease, and the degradation of the shape after breastfeeding

The reasons for breast augmentation can be adjusted. But, chief among them a desire of owning a fine elasticated bust. Very often, even women who, by nature, have got beautiful big tits are confronted with problems such as sagging, loss of elasticity, too soft.

The result of scientific research has established that the cream Wow Bust effectively increases the chest tightens, eliminates stretch marks, gives elasticity, prevents age-related changes and eliminates the signs of their appearance. Cream versatile for young girls and women over the age of 18. Does not cause allergies, negative side effects.

Contraindications missing. A rare exception individual intolerance of one of the components in the composition, the period of post-operative recovery. Also recommends the consultation with the doctor before you apply, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, the presence of severe disease, temporary or chronic nature.

the cream Wow-Bust for breast augmentation as for a quick result

The application of the Wow Bust - instructions on how to use the cream

To improve the shape and increase the breast size - apply Wow Bust twice a day, morning and evening. Actively rub into each breast for 5 minutes. Minimum of course of application 30 days. To accelerate the regeneration, improve the condition of the skin, eliminate stretch marks - apply the cream is not less than 3 times per day.

The number of courses required to obtain the desired outcome is individually defined and, in some cases, it can be increased. For example, for a breast augmentation in two and three dimensions - increase the duration of the course, three to six months.

It is important to know! For a better effectiveness and faster to apply the cream should massaging with circular movements. The massage of the right shoulder to the right, the left counter-clockwise. Start with the circle of the nipples and gradually increase the diameter massage ring. Execute the movements of a hand, and the other, hold down the chest like a bowl. Do not rush. On each of the massage of the chest, you need to devote at least three to five minutes.