The experience of using Wow Bust

the cream Wow-Bust fast breast augmentation before and after use

Hi everyone! I calls me Albin, born and lives in Sarajevo. Today decided to write about your experience with breast enlargement. Primarily'm going to leave an opinion on the tool, with the help of which my chest in just a month, has become the size of more, as I enjoyed for the realisation of such a fast effect. Will be posting photos before and after using.

The tool is called Wow Bust. Available in a cream form. The nice consistency, white in colour, it feels soft and pleasant. To take advantage of the very convenient. Easy to apply on the chest, penetrates quickly and does not leave the greasy layer. It is easy to spray it on the thin skin - very important, because to properly use the need to rub the cream massage movements (more on that later). In a 50 ml tube Bought two on the packaging, I had just a month.

The cream Wow Bust - my experience of the use

Appreciated the cream for a month every day. In the morning and in the evening put the cream massage movements. This massage cream to each breast for three to five minutes. The first results noticed a week later. The chest is made more flexible and dense. After two or three weeks, noticed that the chest was the highest. At the end of the month of course made the photo for comparison. The chest has become a larger size. Previously, I had a second, now a third! I am happy with the result. The daily application did not induce side effects, skin rashes, skin irritations, etc

Initially, has made the choice in favor of this tool, thanks to its natural composition and the many positive comments of the other girls and consumers. In his choice not the sole responsibility. To be an effective tool at an affordable price. A risk to health. To the difference of the implant of the chest increases in a natural way and then seems to naturally. Don't need to spend huge sums on plastic surgeons and go over the operation. No post recovery period and even more the risk of complications to zero. Now don't even understand why the girls are plastic. Probably do not know, it is a cream Wow Bustwith that fast of breast augmentation without consequences, expense, and the surgery is possible!

the use of the cream for the rapid increase of the chest Wow Bust - the experience of using

More of a size of 30 days - how to use Wow Bust

Use a cream very easy. The only thing it's better to wear using a basic massage technique. It is necessary, in order not to damage the delicate skin, does not stretch even a little more, and most importantly, the effect of the use of the cream was the most positive and the fastest. At least, I put the cream Wow Bust in the complex with massage of the chest and the result is obvious. On the second picture of my breasts after a month of using the cream.

A technique of breast massage is simple, nothing complicated, will be able to cope with each. The first rule is - apply the cream need to the queue on each breast, and not simultaneously. With one hand, apply the cream, do massage, the other hand, hold the chest like a bowl. The second rule - apply the cream in circular motions. The right side of the chest to the right, the left, in the counterclockwise direction. Start with a circumference of nipples, gradually increasing the diameter of the circular motion. With the help of this technique simple action of massage Wow Bust would be much stronger, and the result will be more rapid.

I hope that my opinion will be a lot of girls useful, will avoid the plastics and the negative effects. Recommends this cream Wow Bust as an effective tool for breast enlargement without surgery!